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I. Introduction:

\(\bullet\) This simple 6 Bus Test Case is taken from the text book of Murty [1].
\(\bullet\) It consists of 6 buses, 6 lines, 3 generators and 3 loads; where bus 1 is considered as a slack bus with value \(V_1=1.05\angle 0^o \ \text{p.u.}\).
\(\bullet\) Impedances data:

\(\bullet\) Scheduled generations and loads and assumed bus voltages:

\(\bullet\) Nodal admittance matrix:

II. Single-Line Diagram:

\(\bullet\) The single-line diagram of the proposed system - as taken from the book - is shown below:

III. Files:

\(\bullet\) Illustrative Solution (PDF Format) [Download]

IV. References:

[1] P.S.R. Murty, Power System Analysis. Hyderabad: BS Publications, 2007.

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