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I am glad to say that, after around five months, we have successfully entered huge amount of data that many researchers will definitely need them in order to conduct their studies in power system analysis and/or operation research. Some of these achievements can be listed as follows:

\(\bullet\) Now, we have one of the biggest available unconstrained benchmark functions library with \(242\) correctly expressed functions. They are categorized based on their dimension \(n\) as follows:


\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=1 \rightarrow \ 46\) benchmark functions

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=2 \rightarrow \ 103\) benchmark functions

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=3 \rightarrow \ 9\) benchmark functions

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=4 \rightarrow \ 5\) benchmark functions

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=5 \rightarrow \ 3\) benchmark functions

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=6 \rightarrow \ 1\) benchmark function

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=9 \rightarrow \ 2\) benchmark functions

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=10 \rightarrow \ 1\) benchmark function

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=17 \rightarrow \ 1\) benchmark function

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) Dimension \(n=\text{user-defined} \rightarrow \ 71\) benchmark functions

These benchmark functions are presented with 2-D and 3-D plots (for  \(n=1,2,n\)), and with controllable 3-D models (for \(n=2,n\)). All our coded MATLAB m-files of those functions are included too. Also, based on our literature review, we have found many mistakes in some expressions, and sometimes duplicated functions with different names. Moreover, most of the non-origin optimal solutions are given with rounded values, which generate errors in the researchers' numerical analysis. All these problems have been carefully addressed and then solved by us. This is why it takes long time to archive all these functions.

\(\bullet\) We have created a special section for including all the required data of some special sessions and competitions of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC-xx); and we have cited all the resources and the professors' webpages.

\(\bullet\) We have tried our best to collect all the necessary data and tools of 23 electrical test cases that are related to the load flow analysis; and we have cited all the resources (books, theses and dissertations, technical reports, papers, commercial/non-commercial programs, webpages, etc).


Now, we are focusing on building our own library that is specialized for the relays optimal coordination test cases. Actually, based on our experience on this subject, we think that this proposed library will be the first available library on the internet. We know the headache that is faced by most of us when digging for getting the necessary information to conduct our comparative studies on this subject, and this is why we put this library as a major section of our power system test cases.

Also, the other sections/sub-sections still will be updated from time to time as we have promised you.



Ali R. Alroomi

The 27th of Aug., 2015

Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking