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Hi Dears,

Due to many committed jobs and activities, there are some delays to the website's contents. However, we have successfully accomplished many good things:

\(\bullet\) As we have promised you, 9 test systems are added to our power system coordination library listed as follows:

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) 3-Bus \(\rightarrow\) 2 test systems 

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) 4-Bus \(\rightarrow\) 1 test system 

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) 6-Bus \(\rightarrow\) 3 test systems 

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) 8-Bus \(\rightarrow\) 1 test system 

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) 9-Bus \(\rightarrow\) 1 test system 

\(\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \rhd\) 15-Bus \(\rightarrow\) 1 test system 

Also, there are many other test systems will be added in the future, including 30, 42-bus test systems.

\(\bullet\) In addition to that, we are working to add economic load dispatch test systems to a new library. Similar to other libraries, all the data will be cited to the resources we have used. We think this library will help many power system researchers to reduce their searching time for getting these essential data.

\(\bullet\) Trying our best (based on our available time) to complete other sections, including power system and operation research libraries. 


Any comment or feedback to enhance the website's contents is highly appreciated. Please, use the contact form given at the left-top of the website.



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